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Secrets to Successful Sales & Subconscious Connection: How to unlock the buyer’s mind to instantly gain a competitive edge, increase brand recognition, and skyrocket profits

  • Outperform your competition by harnessing the power of body language
  • Instantly ooze the charisma of master closers by utilizing primal messaging.


Cracking the Commitment Code: Access Vickers’ synergy method to improve employee dedication, increase retention rates, and foster a winning workplace culture

  • Maximize performance and drive by designing customized employee incentive programs
  • Easily identify root problems through innovative communication and conflict resolution techniques.


Building Dedicated Teams with Creative Cohesion: Counterintuitive
techniques to ignite peak performance, boost imagination
vs. competition, and fast-track future leaders

  • Increase confidence and creative awareness through
    glass ceilings breakthroughs
  • Elevate professional development by using visual transference
    and empowerment imagery


The Power of Mirror Mind-framing™: How to advance customer
service skills, easily transform difficult customers to
reoccurring buyers, and become a customer loyalty magnet

  • Attract and maintain stronger customer relations by mapping facial expressions, body language, and tonality
  • Instantly flip the buyers’ no’s using advanced resistance- spotting techniques

Meeting Planners

Garth pride himself off helping individuals and organization grow to higher heights. We know how busy you are planning your event so I wanted to provide you with materieals to help streamline booking process as simple, efficient, effective as possible.

Download Garth's Headshots

Download Garth's One-Sheet

Standard Room & AV Requirements 1. LCD Projector & Screen 2. FlipChart with Paper & Markers (For audiences of less than 100) 3. A Microphone 4. 1/8 Audio Input Jack (Headphone Jack) to patch into House Sound